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37mm BeeHive 22LR Insert
  • 37mm BeeHive 22LR Insert

    37mm BeeHive 22LR Insert -

    This Insert is for some 37mm Launchers Only.


    1) This does not work in all Launchers.

    2) These are Laser Engraved by Everything 37mm and Exotic

    WARNING: Will NOT Work in the Havoc; Tac-D, or Slam Fire.

    $119.00 Plus S&H.

    Ships USPS.

    Newest version of the BeeHive, formerly the Hornets Nest. Fires 15 rounds of 22 long rifle ammo simultaneously. Cannot be used in either a Tac-D or Havoc 37mm Launcher. Requires Black Powder FFg and Large Bore CCI Pistol Primers.

    Important: When BeeHive and Launcher are combined this becomes an NFA item and requires an FFL Tax Stamp including a Serial Number engraved on the Launcher if it doesn't have one.

    1) Always check the Launcher Throat to make sure the ammo round fits.
    2) Never force any ammo round into the Launcher Tube.
    3) Alway make sure the Launcher closes before use.
    4) Most Launcher Ammo Rounds are made to Fire at a 45 Degree Angle.


    37mm Rounds, Launchers, Cleaning Kit, Reloading Kit, Inserts, Accessories, Carry Handle, and Picatinny Rail Slide, FFg Black Powder, and Primers sold separately through our sister company -



    1) Always check the 37mm Launcher Throat to make sure the ammo round fits.

    2) Never force any ammo round into the Launcher Tube.

    3) Alway make sure the Launcher closes before use.

    4) Although a 22LR Round, there are 15 Rounds firing simultaneously, expect recoil.

    5) Firing or using this BeeHive in a 37mm Launcher constitutes an NFA Item. The Launcher must be registered, have tax stamp, and serial number.


    This item may be out of stock, check website frequently.

    No Quantity Limit on Purchase.

    Cannot be Mix and Match with other items.

    Ships to your home.

    Warning: Make sure your comply with all state and local laws where you reside before ordering.

    Any restrictions are buyer’s responsibility.

    Cannot Ship to a PO Box or Business Address.

    Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.


    JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC
    Phone: 480 612 4799

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