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Barrett 50 BMG (50 Caliber) Military Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle

Barrett 50 BMG (50 Caliber) Military Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle

The Barrett 50 BMG is a powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle perfect for military use. This rifle is built with accuracy and reliability in mind, and is capable of delivering accurate shots up to 1,800 meters. It features an adjustable bipod and a special muzzle break for improved accuracy and recoil reduction. The Barrett 50 BMG is used by Military and Law Enforcement around the world.

Not currently availble to civilians because of the Ulraine war.

Get notified when this great fiream comes available.


Buyer Restrictions Apply:
1) Arizona Residents MUST be over 25, have a valid current Arizona Driver's License. Full Payment including Sales Tax is required. FBI NICS Background Required on this purchase, no acception. This Firearm must be ordered and is not stocked in our inventory. NO CASH Sales Allowed. Payment must be by Credit or Debit Card; Certified Check, Western Union; Postal Money Order; or Corporate Check. JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC reserves the right to deny purchase to any buyer in Arizona.

2) This Fireman can be shipped to another state. You must obtain an FFL who verifies this Firearm can be shipped to your state. No Saes Tax is collected on out of state sales. S&H is by UPS Ground only. Cost for shipping depends on item Shipped. NO CASH Sales Allowed. Payment must be by Credit or Debit Card; Certified Check, Western Union; Postal Money Order; or Corporate Check. Cost does not include FFL Transfer at your state location.

Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -

JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC

Phone: 480 612 4799


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    Barrett 50 BMG (50 Caliber) Military Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle.

    Color Shown: FDE

    Comes with one box of mixed 50 caliber rounds.

    Prices subject to change without notice.

    Price above does not include shipping or Arizona Sales Tax.

    Currently Out of Stock but coming soon.

    Specs -

    Model shown, 18065

    Color: FDE or Black

    Suppressor Ready

    Front Collapsable BiPod

    Accepts M1913 Accessory Rails

    Caliber: 50 BMG (50 Caliber Ammo)

    Rail Length: 24 Inches

    Weight: 29.7 Pounds without ammo or accessories

    Overall Length: 48 Inches

    Barrel Length: 20 Inches

    Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds

    Sights: Front and Rear Flip Up

    Muzzle Break

    Barrel Twist: 1:15

    Barrel: Chrome Line Fluted

    Receiver: Aluminum

    Out of Stock, Email me to get on the wish list for next available shipment.

Approximately 35 days from Pre Order and Pre Payment received
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