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Cobalt Kinetics SPR Elite Carbon, 6mm Rifle

Cobalt Kinetics SPR Elite Carbon, 6mm Rifle

Cobalt Kinetics SPR Elite Carbon.

Caliber: 6mm

Magazine: 20 Rounds

Type: Rifle, AR Style Platform, Semi Auto

Barrel: 22 Inches

Color: Black

Overview -

The rifles are then expertly built by our trained gunsmithing team where one gunsmith focuses solely on one build at a time to ensure the production of an American Masterpiece. Every firearm goes through multiple inspections along the way to maintain the highest QC standards during the build process. Finally, all parts are inspected prior to being installed into the build. We have strived to carve out amazing OEM partnerships with the best parts/ accessories manufacturers (Radian, Geissele, B5 Systems, VLTOR, Proof Research, Rosco Mfg., etc) within our industry. The finished product is an exquisite example of what forward thinking engineering, superior parts selection, and a QC heavy production process can deliver.

Description -

The Cobalt Kinetics Special Purpose Rifle series is our solution to providing a turn-key Precision rifle that is adaptable to a multitude of different situations and mission roles. The goal was to design a platform that is truly worthy of its namesake & category. We firmly believe that we have achieved this and have been able to deliver a platform that is capable of Sub-MOA precision right out of the case. The modern day precision shooting athlete and hunter deserves a rifle that features current technology and superior parts. Other like competitors are using dated technology, methods, and concepts from designs that are well over 20 years old. By setting out to create a solution to a complicated accuracy equation it freed us from conventional thinking that has stagnated the growth of the precision "gas gun" sector of the market for years. Barrel lengths range from 12.5 Inch to 22 Inch to ensure that all mission specific configurations are accounted for and readily available to each end user.

We started by focusing our attention on the upper receiver group and redesigning our platforms to incorporate a better locking system for the barrel and hand guard. The result of our design efforts produced a reverse threaded barrel nut that seats the barrel evenly and provides more thread engagement than traditional externally threaded receiver extensions. The barrel extension seating surface is able to be machined to a tighter tolerance as a result of the reverse threaded system and allows the barrel to use 100% of its potential accuracy (that would normally be diminished by Mil-Spec receiver extensions that have high-spots). The free-floated hand guard is then affixed to the upper receiver via a 4 point (8 screw) mounting system that attaches right to the extended portion of the upper (which houses the new barrel nut). This creates a complete upper receiver system that will produce accurate results time after time. It also offers the best features of a mono-lithic upper receiver group without the drawbacks of the traditional examples found in the market.

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