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FN 40GL, 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • FN 40GL, 40mm Grenade Launcher


    FN 40GL, 40mm Grenade Launcher.

    Sold to Law Enforcement and Private Security Only.

    This is an NFA Item.

    Private individuals need a Tax Stamp and Complete Background check.

    40mm Grenades available, sold separately - Training, Non Lethal, Explosive.

    Call for Pricing

    Description -

    The FN40GL Enhanced Grenade Launcher seamlessly integrates with the FN SCAR 16 and FN SCAR 17 rifles. Firing all types of 40x46mm NATO standard low-velocity grenades, the FN40GL may be mounted under either rifle using a trigger adapter and dual locking clamp levers, or it may be configured as a stand-alone launcher. Completely ambidextrous, the FN40GL utilizes a polymer receiver mated to an aluminum barrel for durability and light weight. The barrel swivels to the right or left for ease of loading and unloading from any firing position. The alloy stand-alone stock assembly quickly telescopes to fit all operators and is equipped with multiple MIL-STD-1913 mounting rails for lights, lasers and other targeting devices. The FN40GL offers a traditional folding leaf sight or a mechanical quadrant sight system.


    • CALIBER: 40x46mm NATO low-velocity grenade
    • MAG CAPACITY: Single shot
    • BARREL LENGTH: 9.625 Inches


    Barrel swings to right or left side for ambidextrous operation

    MIL-SPEC aluminum 9.625 Inch barrel

    Folding leaf adjustable sight

    Integrates with MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail at 12 o’clock position

    Three MIL-STD-1913 mounting rails at 3, 6, and 9 o-clock positions on stand-alone launcher

    Dual quick locking lever-type mounting clamps

    Matte black finish on barrel surface

    Polymer trigger adapter modules with molded-in Flat Dark Earth

    Telescoping Flat Dark Earth polymer and alloy stand-alone stock instantly adjusts for length of pull

    A2-type checkered pistol grip with finger indexing ridge on stand-alone unit

    WEIGHT -

    5.92 Pounds in stand-alone configuration

    2.96 Pounds when mounted on SCAR 16

    3.0 Pounds when mounted on SCAR 17


    20.25 Inches to 26.5 Inches in stand-alone configuration

    11.94 Inches when mounted on SCAR 16

    12.44 Inches when mounted on SCAR 17


    JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC is the largest FN FFL Dealer / Supplier in Arizona.
    We are here for all your FN Needs including a great line of accessories.

    Before making a purchase please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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