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FN 509 LS Edge 9mm

FN 509 LS Edge 9mm


FN 509 LS Edge 9mm



OPERATION: Double-action

MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 17 Rd

WEIGHT: 31 Ounces



TWIST RATE: 1:10 Inches RH

HEIGHT: 5.9 Inches

WIDTH: 1.35 Inches

TRIGGER PULL: 4.5 lb. -6.7 Pounds

SIGHT RADIUS: 6.7 Inches


Optimized long slide with patented optics mounting system

Flat-face trigger breaks cleanly at 90°

Enhanced ergonomics and adaptability fits all shooters


Long Slide recovers immediately, tracks perfectly

Lightening cuts reduce weight and improve balance speeding follow up shots

New, perimeter frame texture enhances grip, wet and dry

Two, interchangeable backstraps fits all hand sizes, mitigates felt recoil


5” target-crowned, hammer forged barrel for tack-driving performance

Flat-face, facet-edge trigger breaks cleanly.

New, conical striker reduces 509 trigger pull weight by ~1-lbs.

Precision fiber optic front sight co-witnesses with MRD, blackout rear notch


Best-in-class Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™ fits most common MRDs

Oversized, ambidextrous slide stop

Long-wearing graphite PVD finish

Compatible with 24-round FN 509 magazine

Mil-Std 1913 rail fits all common weapon lights

Polished chamber and ramp for reliable feeding and extraction across ammunition types


Three, 17-rd magazines, graphite anodized aluminum floor plates drop faster

Flared, graphite anodized aluminum magwell speeds mag changes under stress

Oversized, knurled magazine release for instinctive operation

Trigger breaks at 90°, short takeup and positive reset speeds follow-up shots

6.7″ sight radius with .040″ fiber optic sight post finds targets and transitions faster


Ballistic case

Four MRD Mounting Plates

Two interchangeable backstraps

Three 17-round magazines or Three 10-round magazines

Owner’s manual


Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.
Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -
JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC
Phone: 480 612 4799


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  • Warranty


    This is a New Firearms, Sold as is, any issues contact the manufacturers warranty department, FN

$1,679.00 Regular Price
$1,580.00Sale Price
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