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KelTec KSG410 Shotgun

KelTec KSG410 Shotgun

KelTec KSG410 Shotgun.

KelTec’s KSG family gets a .410-bore addition. Offering 10-round capacity (five rounds per tube), the smallest KSG is also the lightest, tipping the scales at a scant 5.4 pounds—so it’s suitable as a trainer, plinker or hiking companion.

Available in Black or FDE (Desert Tan)
Carry handle
Fiber-optic front sight
Ambidextrous slide release

Gauge: 410 Bore
Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5 Inches
Overall Length: 26.1 Inches
Weight: 5 pounds, 6 Ounces

    $595.00 Regular Price
    $495.00Sale Price
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