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Taurus Judge
  • Taurus Judge

    The Taurus Judge is a powerful revolver designed for both self-defense and hunting. This versatile firearm is chambered for both 410 shotshells and 45 Long Colt rounds, giving it the performance of a shotgun and the accuracy of a handgun. With a five-round capacity and a traditional double-action trigger, the Taurus Judge is an effective choice for close-range shooting. It features a heavy-duty rubber finger grip and a matte stainless steel finish for added durability. The Taurus Judge provides an excellent balance of power and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for a variety of shooting applications.

    Preferred by Hikers, Campers, Off Road Enthusiast, and Sportsman. Excellent backup weapon when hunting. Available in various barrel length and finishes.

    Price Range from $455.00 to $619.00, call for model and cureent pricing.

    Aftermarket 9mm and 380 caliber inserts.


    JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC is your best shop to get one of these popular sought after Taurus Judge Revolvers.

    • More Info

      Taurus Judge all models are 45 Long Colt (45LC) and 410 Shotgun
      Comes in several models:
      1) Original Judge 2 Inch Barrel
      2) 3 inch Barrel Two Tone Color
      3) 3 inch Barrel all Black
      4) 6.5 inch Barrel all Stainless
      Life Time Warranty.
      Call for Pricing and Availability.
      I ship to most places in the Continental United States generally next day UPS Ground to a local FFL of your choice.
      You must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun.
      NO Sales Tax Collected on Out of State Purchases.
      Recommended 410 #4 Shot or Rifle Slugs; 45LC Cowboy Loads

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