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Thompson Sub Machine Gun, WW2 Tanker Model

Thompson Sub Machine Gun, WW2 Tanker Model

This Thompson Sub Machine Gun, WW2 Tanker Model, is a classic piece of American military history. It is a faithful reproduction of the iconic Thompson M1928A1 from the World War II era. It features a 30 round stick magazines, blued steel construction and an adjustable rear sight. This classic firearm is perfect for collectors and reenactors alike, and is sure to bring a unique and authentic look to any gun collection. Comes with a heavy carry case and an autentic replica of the WW2 45acp Stick Mag Pouch.

Sorry, this version does not accept drum magazines.

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    Comes with three 30-round, and one 20-round straight 45acp magazines, hard carry case, used by the U.S. and British Army, canvas heavy 3 magazine pouch, fully functional semi auto. Duplicated to the last detail. A real collector's item.
    Note - Ships UPS Ground Fully Insured, Signature Required.

$2,350.00 Regular Price
$1,995.00Sale Price
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